Zombie Belt (Black)

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Zombie Belt (Black)
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  • 35MM WIDE
Material: Vegetan Mycro

Product information

Product Code: 521000
Product Name: Zombie Belt (Black)
Ok, so why is this called the Zombie belt? Well mainly because everyone loves a zombie right?!

But seriously, on a practical note, when the zombies do take over, you will be glad you have stashed your small essential items in this belt. You will have them with you at all times, which is important because we never know when they are going to come. You have seen the films, they always get the guys who are not ready to go, like right now! In the meantime you could use it as a money belt. Handy for when you get to the front of the queue at the checkout/train-station/where-ever and you realise you have left your wallet at home.

One of the best things about this belt, is that it does not look like a money belt, really handy for when travelling and you would rather a less conspicuous place to keep your notes. Belt is approx. 35mm wide and 3mm thick. The buckle is a quality, brushed, nickel-free, metal roller-buckle. The zipper runs almost the length of the belt from the buckle to just before the holes. -About 70cm long on a 34 inch wide belt.

Belt does not come with money in it!

Made in the UK especially for Vegetarian Shoes.
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