Boot Zip 10

Boot Zip
Boot Zip
  • Zip and go!
  • Time saving
  • Speed and convenience
  • Made in Portugal
Material: Vegetan Micro
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Product information

Product Code: 179000
Product Name: Boot Zip 10
Speed-up putting your boots on with these handy 10 eye Boot-Zips!

Once laced into your boots and adjusted, these Boot-Zips will save you time every time your boots go on and come off.

These accessories can also be a fun way to personalise your boots.

Made from Double-thickness Vegetan Micro with heavy-duty black metal zippers.

1. Lace the zips into your boots loosely. (There is more than one way of doing this- see photos)

2. Put the boots on and zip up.

3. Adjust the fit by feeding through the laces until snug.

4. Go! Enjoy the time you saved! -Catch that train. Get to work on time. Don’t miss the beginning of the film. Avoid being caught by the zombies. Etc etc.

There is more than one way to lace these accessories into your boots, we have shown a few ways here but you may wish to experiment. You can thread the loose ends of the laces back through the eyelets. Or you may prefer to cut off the ends of the laces. For a really good fit and a bit more ‘give’ when wearing, you can use elastic ‘shock-cord’ (readily available from EBay etc.) 3mm shock-cord seems to work well.

We designed the Boot Zips to fit our Combat boot, but they can also fit our 10-eyelet Para boots and other 10-eyelet boots.

One size fits most 10 eye boots from UK sizes 3 to 12 or Euro sizes 36 to 46.

Avoid lacing in the Boot Zips too tightly and over-stressing the zips. Also, for a good fit, you may find that insoles really help.

Boot zips can always be unlaced and the boots revert to being laced up in the conventional way.

Sold in pairs. Lacing not included.

Made In the European Union.