Veg Shoes Video
Our first ever video!
July 2011


Chrissie Hynde
loves our cool boots
Dec 2014
Veg Shoes win
'Best Fashion Footwear Award at VegFest Awards Oct 2014
Vega-Life shop in
Vegan, Amsterdam
- video March 2015

Well Known Customers

Captain Sensible

Chrissie Hynde

Joaquin Phoenix

Jenny Seagrove

K D Lang

Michaela Strachan

Paul McCartney

Sean Hughes

Heather Mills

Wendy Turner

Victoria Wood

Los Fastidios

Chrissie Hynde

Bryan Adams in his Veggie Steel Toe Boots
Jan 2010 - click on image to see Youtube video

Robin's making shoes (Early Days) Robin racing his Legends Car 2006 Robin's infamous roll at the 2CV 24 hr race 2004
(Before & After – Subsequent Top Gear interview)

Glenn (sponsored by Veg Shoes) wins Legends World Final in California - 2007/8
Robin and Glenn win Legends Transatlantic Trophy 2007/8
Robin and Glenn on Podium at World Finals- 2007
Sea Shepards (Australia wear our Safety Boots - Sept 2013

Veg Shoes win 'Best Clothes and Fashion' Award at VegFest Awards 2013
...and here's the award

UK Vegan Awards 2013 Recycling Award 2013 Best Fashion Footwear Award VegFest 2014 Best Vegan Footwear Award Viva 2014
Hurricane Katrina - Animal Rescue 2005



Shaun Fowler-Reeves South Downs marathon - 2009 My Veggie Trekkers got me to the summit of Kilimanjaro - 2009 Janette & Zayd Manchester to Birmingham 144km Trek - 2009 Janette & Zayd 8 hour row for animal testing campaign - 2009 Pauliina Laurila's amazing Amazon expedition on Veggie Trekkers - 2009 Ben Mills & Gemma Miller coast2coast 190 mile walk - 2009

Music and Video
Vegetarian Shoes
"A short extract of a documentary exercise produced for my first-year documentary module at Sussex University. The film explores a rather unique shop in Brighton, that sales shoes which can be included within a vegetarian's lifestyle."
Caxiamaniac Dec 2009

I'm running to you with my
Vegetarian Shoes
An excellent youtube production from Harrison Kefir
Dec 2009
Sarah Kramer on Canada AM discussing Veg Shoes, veganism and the 10th anniversary edition of her best selling cookbook How It All Vegan. - Sept 2009

I´m running to you with my
Vegetarian Shoes - Ska version
Another cracker from HarrisonKefir
June 2010
Veg Shoes Video
Our first ever video!
July 2010
Vega-Life shop in
Vegan Amsterdam
- video March 2015

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