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Kalahari Shoes
Brown (743)
Airseal 14 Eye
Boot (534)
Vintage Boot
Olive Green (165)
Veg Supreme
Brown (792)
Approach Mid Brown (657)
Loved them for years! I know lots of our customers do too. I must be on my fourth pair now.
So quick, easy and comfortable. And they look pretty cool too. I wear my Kalahari's to destruction and still don't want to part with what become old friends in the end.
Great for muddy festivals.  Use dubbin and polish beforehand and your feet will stay toasty and dry!  Steel toes give protection from people stomping on your feet in a crowd! My 14 Eye Boots are about five years old and still going strong.  Also good for the wintry rain and snow :-D
When the Vintage Boots first arrived, in grey, way back in November 2010, Iliked them instantly. Since then I have been nagging Robin that they would be lovely in green fake suede. And you know what? I'm right. This makes me happy! I've made some lovely laces from an old sheet of yellow flowery fabric. I'll sort out a photo to show you! I think these boots are going to look even better once they are worn in and a bit battered and loved.
My personal favourites are the Veg Supremes. They are great for me because I do a lot of walking around Brighton and they are really comfy as well as looking good. A quick spray with some water-proofer and I am ready for any weather and the colours of the browns seem to match all my clobber.
My favourites are the Approach Shoes. I got a pair when they were first in stock and have hardly taken them off since! Super comfy and lightweight, they have also held up surprisingly well in the rain. Great for walking both in town and on longer hikes, these are a brilliant all-round boot!
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Mail Order
Mail Order
Liam Shoe
Black (263)
Airseal 3 Eye Shoe
Black (525)

Ashley Shoe
Red (203)

Vintage Boot
Olive Green (165)

Beta Sandal
Brown (674)

After years of loving my Wombats and Panther Sneakers I've realised what a black suede 60's retro boy I really am. I love the look of my Liam Shoes, but more than that I can't believe how well they survive the rain and puddles - I assumed that getting them wet would be the beginning of the end but clearly not!
The Airseal 3 Eyes are perfect for the un-predictable and varied weather conditions that come with touring across Europe. They are super comfortable and really long lasting too. I love the style of these shoes because they look great and make me look cooler than I actually am.
I'm a flats kinda girl normally, but the Ashley shoes turned my head. Have the Tan already, but currently in love with both the navy and red, and hoping to add them to my collection soon! Add a cute vintage touch to any outfit, and surprisingly comfortable to wear once you get the right size (they run small!)
My favourites are the Vintage Boots in olive green. I've hardly taken them off since I got them! They are super comfortable and really easy to wear, dressed up or down. I've been wearing them with dresses this summer and looking forward to wearing them with some thick tights in winter!
As soon as I get these out of the cupboard I know that Summer is on its way and it makes me smile. My Beta Sandal's have lasted me for years and the foot bed has lovingly nestled its way to hug the shape of my foot.So whether pounding concrete or grassy fields the Beta's have seen me through many a happy adventure.
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