Better Thread Ethical Shopping Review - Airseal Para Boot - October 2015

Product Review by Kirk Brown

Chic Shoes: Vegetarian Shoes - Burger Abroad blog - October 2015

"I got the shoes, wore them all over Cornwall, LOVED them and finally posted the review article! "
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Vegan Without Frontiers - Update

"We have just crossed the equator, wearing these awesome vegetarian Shoes Bush Boots, en route from London to Cape Town. The boots have carried us through the the Sahara, and survived a trek up an active volcano and down to a salt lake 120m below sea level in Ethiopia's Danakil Depression. They even washed up nicely having been coated in sticky sulphur and acid from volcanic springs...we will continue to test them as we head South."

Blog Review from Vegan Without Frontiers - June 2014

"Everyone knows that being vegan means not eating animal products, right? But there’s more to consumption than eating…and what we wear is an important part of that. I’m sure the majority of people these days also see wearing fur coats as unacceptable – a luxury item made of dead animals? Well…how about all those leather shoes? Leather is animal skin too. OK – shoes are not a luxury item…but is the choice to use leather rather than alternative materials not just the same thing as choosing a coat made of animals? Perhaps leather is a better quality material and its about practicality, not perceived luxury or status, or availability?

Well, we don’t think so – and there’s lots of evidence to suggest that cruelty-free materials are now superior to the leather counterparts. When I went sailing in the Global Challenge race in 2004-5, I was supplied with a pair of deck shoes by Vegetarian Shoes of Brighton as an alternative to the leather ones worn by the rest of the crew. Made of a breathable microfibre, the material was developed to have the same properties as leather and yet not suffer the degradation by a salty marine environment that damages leather. After the race, where they were worn daily on the foredeck and around the boat, that pair of shoes lasted another 8 years of general summer wear – with a fair amount of getting wet in salt and fresh water as well as wandering around town. They were only retired last year as I’d pretty much worn through the soles – the leather-replacement uppers were still in good shape.

So when we came to look at our needs for an expedition through the desert, there was only really one place to go. This time round we’re wearing something more suitable for the desert –Retread Bush Boots. Lets see how well these work out as expedition footwear – they don’t feel like a compromise!"

UPDATED: Sea Shepherds (Australia) wear our Safety Boots - Feb 2014

Hi Robin and Team at Vegetarian Shoes,

I'm writing to give you a personal update from the Southern Ocean. We are midway through Operation Relentless, a long and challenging campaign to defend the great whales from the deadly harpoons of a criminal whaling operation in a whale sanctuary.

After finding the factory whaling ship, the Nisshin Maru, in the middle of their bloody and barbaric business, we made sure the whalers had a disastrous January – which is normally the month they can kill the most whales.

The Bob Barker and Steve Irwin valiantly fought against a ruthless attack by the harpoon ships in rough weather.  The Yushin Maru 3 hit the Bob Barker, damaging the starboard side of our bow. If you haven't seen the footage, you can see the action here:

The volunteer crew has been working round the clock- at sea the ship has to operate 24 hours a day and there are no days off at sea, regardless of how rough or cold the conditions.  Commitment to our clients is the reason why we do this. We have been visited by young and curious minke whales not yet aware of the horror of the harpoons, jumping humpbacks and magnificent endangered fin whales. We know that each of these individuals, many of whom are new mothers and juveniles, could be the next victim of the whalers.

The shoes you donated to the ships have kept the crew safe and happy. As you may know, working on a ship without steel capped shoes is very dangerous, and thanks to your donation we are able to keep more of our crew safe. Also, as our ships are vegan, and many of the crew onboard are very conscious about their purchases and choices regarding vegan ware, we are honoured to wear your vegetarian shoes in Antarctica, knowing that no animal had to suffer because of our shoe choices. I hope that your business is doing well, I remember you telling me that it is a small business and times can be hard. Please let me know if there is any way we can help you promote your shoes in the future. We would love to help you.

Thanks to your meaningful support for Operation Relentless, we can continue being effective saving whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and ensuring the sanctuary is actually a place of peace and refuge for the whales. Every whale saved is a victory, and a victory you are helping achieve. 

 For the Oceans,

Katie Adams. Ship Development Coordinator/ Crew-member

Sept 2013: Sea Shepherd Australia is a non-profit conservation organisation whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. - click here to view the Sea Shepherd website

Kiwi wondering’s adventures

My Vegetarian Shoes still going strong but seeing some wear now. 913km south and now coming up a third of the North. I am wrapped in happiness with the state of my feet. So important when you're walking, right? !

Walking the entire length of New Zealand. Our group are making this incredible walk to raise awareness about the environment in NZ 

Natalie models Airseal boots

Vegan goddess Natalie Portman wore the black Airseal Engineer (non-steel) boots for the January 2010 Marie Claire photoshoot - see pic 5 on their website

The Viva! 15 Peaks Challenge – July 3rd 2010

The Team - Helen (editor of Viva!life), Justine (VVF senior health campaigner) and Juliet (director of Viva!/VVF)

Vegetarian Shoes are proud to be sponsoring the 15/24 Viva! Challenge. This involves walking 48 km in 24 hours, including ascending the 15 Welsh mountain peaks whose summits are above 3,000 ft..

On July 3, 2010 at 3am, with other Viva! supporters, Helen (editor of Viva!life), Justine (VVF senior health campaigner) and Juliet (director of Viva!/VVF) will start the walk of their lives as they disappear steeply upwards into a Welsh dawn, borrowing Captain Oates’ famous last words – “We may be some time!” This is a breathtaking (literally) undertaking deserving of magnanimous support. Please, please sponsor them by the mile, by the peak or by the blister.

Good luck to all 3 of them.

The Vegan 3 Peaks Challenge – May 3rd 2009

The Team - Andrew Taylor, Jules Howliston and Andrew Knight

Andrew T. posing on Ben Nevis in the snow
Andrew K. on Scafell Pike
Jules on Ben Nevis

Congratulations to the intrepid team from The Extreme Vegan Sporting Association who attacked the 3 peaks (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon) riding on our glorious Snowdon boots on 3rd May, and here's their story...

From 13:00 3rd May to 12:25 4th May 2009, an all-vegan team completed the famous UK Three Peaks Challenge. Why would three otherwise well-behaved, sensible young folk brave snow, freezing winds, sharp rocks and assorted injuries to run around cold, dark mountain peaks in the middle of the night? (i) because they were mentally ill, (ii) to repent for past sins, or (iii) because they were wickedly blackmailed into participating?

Whilst the truth may never be fully revealed, certain facts are clear. The three peaks they successfully climbed are the highest in all of Wales (Mt Snowdon), England (Scafell Pike) and Scotland (Ben Nevis). They walked, ran and painfully limped around 25 miles (40 km), climbed around 10,000 feet (3,050 m), and endured a hair-raising drive of nearly 500 miles over winding mountain roads at night, averaging less than 2 hours sleep!

However, the climbers did have one important advantage. All are members of the Extreme Vegan Sporting Association, which means that as well as being naturally skilled at doing extremely silly things, they are committed vegans, and therefore enjoy certain important advantages over meat-eating mountaineers, such as higher antioxidant status ― which speeds exercise recovery. The vegan guarana tablets also helped, as did the super-comfy vegan boots, energising vegan sheese and flapjacks supplied by their kindly sponsors.

The Snowdon Boots

Jules cools her feet
The summit of Ben Nevis

Although the free vegan food was admittedly a major motivation, the main reason for completing this crazy event was to raise money for Animals Count ― a UK political party for people and animals. The team raised over £1,200, which will help Animals Count contest the EU elections on 4th June 2009. This will be the first time a UK political party for animals will have contested these elections. By doing so Animals Count aims to increase the consideration given to animal issues by all political parties.

Team Vegan minimised their environmental impacts during their Three Peaks Challenge by leaving no litter, using mountain paths, and neutralising the carbon emissions created by their trip by purchasing a resource conservation portfolio at (no sponsorship funds were used for this). Most importantly, however, they and their equipment were entirely vegan! Why is that important? Because animal agriculture is the largest single contributor to global warming and species loss, producing more greenhouse gases than the entire transport sector combined (1). It is, of course, also frequently cruel to animals, and bad for human health. Further information about these important issues is available from organisations like the Vegan Society and Vegan Outreach.

Check out the photos of this extreme event, and our video (coming soon!). For additional extreme events visit the Extreme Vegan Sporting Association ― proudly showcasing vegan fitness through novel means of risking life and limb!

  Full details available at

Ben Nevis stream
Spectacular Ben Nevis Cliff
Andrew Knight on the descent from Ben Nevis


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