Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey)

  • Reversed Microfiber
  • Personalise-able
  • Airseal quality
  • Made in England
  • Vegan friendly footwear
Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey)
Sale product
  • Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey)
  • Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey%
  • Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey%
  • Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey)
  • Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey)
  • Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey)
  • Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey%
  • Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey)
  • Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey)
  • Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey)
  • Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey%
  • Product Information

    Product Code: 751000

    Material: Vegetan Micro (Whats this?)

    Our 10 Eye Grey boot!
    Like our ‘Rough-out’ boots these boots are made with the micro-fibre material reversed. Each pair is a little different as the grey rear-side of this material was never made to be shown off. Some are slightly darker or lighter than the photo. But the boots come into their own once they have been worn for a while. Especially if they have been polished a few times. Being a neutral grey colour they can be treated with black polish or brown polish, as in the example photos here, or whatever colour you like. The boots are not very water-resistant until they have been polished or treated with shoe-care.
    Do not use solvent based shoe-care.

    Airseal Boots are always at the top of the list of our favourite footwear, we have sold loads of these boots over the years, the only trouble with this style is that we make them too well and have to wait a long time for repeat orders!

    The very finest non-leather components are utilised to construct this footwear:

    Airseal Country Soles
    These extra thick, deep tread, translucent soles provide excellent shock absorption, comfort and insulation.
    They are stitched and heat welded onto a Goodyear welt for strength and durability and take little 'breaking in'.
    As with all our Airseal footwear they are really hard-wearing.

    Steel Toes
    The steel toes make the boots extra tough. (if you need tested safety footwear see style 185 Airseal Safety Boot Mk 2 in the Hiking / Safety Boots section).

    Vegetan MicroUppers
    The toughest, hardest wearing and most water resistant breathable material that we use. Like all our materials it takes little 'breaking-in', is exceptionally like high quality leather in performance and has a distinctive grain.

    Other Features
    • Military style 10 eyelet lacing • Bellows tongue to increase water resistance

    Made in the UK
    These boots are made in one of England's oldest shoe-making factories, established over 135 years ago.
    Take a look at the factory and boots in the A Vegetarian Shoe is Born video

    Sizing Notes - This style runs large.
    Please bear in mind when ordering this Airseal footwear that the sizing runs large, so for example:
    If you are a small size 8 you may wish to drop down to a size 7
    if you are a regular/large size 8 then you may wish to try the size 8 with insoles.

    We try to give the best advice about sizing. Please remember sizes vary from style to style and brand to brand. The shape of the shoe can affect the fit as well as the length and width. If replacing a style with a newer version, remember shoes can stretch and mould and become looser over time. A new version of the same shoe can feel tighter and quite different to the old friends you have come to love. Shoes mould to the shape of your feet, more in the width than the length. If they are slightly snug in the width then they may give a little and become more comfortable. If the shoes or boots are tight lengthways then they are likely too small and you need to try the next size up.
    Lastly, remember that insoles can REALLY make a difference when trying to get the right fit. Ours are quite thick but thinner ones are also available. In addition to making footwear more comfortable insoles can also help shoes and boots last longer.

    Airseal 10 Eye Boot Steel Toe (Grey)

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    Squeaky shoes advice link

    Squeaky shoes advice link

    A Vegetarian Shoe is Born


    Vegfest Award Winner 2017

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