Retread Bush Boot (Brown)

  • Recycled car tyres
  • Rugged stitch-down construction
  • Ultimate ankle boots!
  • Made in the European Community
  • Vegan friendly footwear
  • Retread Bush Boot (Brown)
  • Retread Bush Boot (Brown)
  • Retread Bush Boot (Brown)
  • Retread Bush Boot (Brown)
  • Retread Bush Boot (Brown)
  • Retread Bush Boot (Brown)
  • Retread Bush Boot (Brown)
  • Retread Bush Boot (Brown)
  • Retread Bush Boot (Brown)
  • Retread Bush Boot (Brown)
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    Product Code: 607000

    Material: Vegetan Fake Suede (Whats this?)

    Based on the second pair of shoes Robin Webb ever made by hand.
    While teaching himself to make shoes, before the availability of the high-tech breathable micro-fibres we use today, he experimented with a number of materials, including cutting up old leather coats and bags (not wanting to use new leather) from jumble sales.
    Excited by recycling and keeping tyres from landfill (or worse) he rolled home old tyres from the local garage to cut out sole shapes.
    After much experimentation with one of our favourite factories (the one where we developed the Adbusters boot) we have a boot very much like the original if not better!
    With the current popularity of suede boots we feel the time is right for the Retread Bush Boot.

    The uppers are attached to a mid-sole with a rugged stitch-down construction. The car tyre soles are very hard-wearing. The sole/tread pattern varies for each pair, -every pair is unique!
    The original boots were quite flat and so we designed a flexible and cushioning cork and rubber wedge that sits between the upper and tyre rubber. This provides a low heel equivalent that helps absorb some impact from ‘heel–strike’ from every day walking. This does away with a separate heel that can sometimes come unstuck, and provides the largest possible surface area footprint that improves grip and nicely displaces weight.
    Like the original hand-made shoes there is a sewn-in ‘bellows’ tongue. This folds back on its-self and is stitched higher up in the shoe than regular tongues. This helps keep out more sand and other debris than regular suede ankle boots.
    The simple loops and D rings for the lace fastenings are quick to tie and keep the boot free of lace holes where sand can get in.
    Made in soft but tough, breathable (but not water-resistant), fake suede.
    Whether out in the Sahara or just walking around town, we hope you will agree these are the ultimate boots!

    Made in Portugal.

    Retread Bush Boot (Brown)

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