Airseal 3 Eye Shoe (Black)

Airseal 3 Eye Shoe (Black)
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Airseal 3 Eye Shoe (Black)
Airseal 3 Eye Shoe (Black)
Airseal 3 Eye Shoe (Black)
Airseal 3 Eye Shoe (Black)
Airseal 3 Eye Shoe (Black)
Material: Vegetan Micro
UK Size
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Product information

Product Code: 525000
Product Name: Airseal 3 Eye Shoe (Black)
In our quest to make the ultimate cruelty-free shoes we have produced this range which incorporates our own brand of Airseal cushioned soles.
These extra thick, deep tread, translucent soles provide excellent shock absorption and insulation. They are stitched and heat welded onto a Goodyear welt for strength and durability and take little 'breaking in'. As well as breathable and water resistant uppers the very finest non-leather components have been selected to construct this footwear. Our classic Airseal 3 eye shoe is a perennial favourite!
They can be worn in just about every situation. As with all the Airseal shoes and boots they are very hard-wearing and made on a good comfort-fit last shape. The grey sole-stitching comes as standard but to make an all-black shoe the stitching can be 'blacked out' with a permanent marker or with black polish.
Also, use our black polish to improve water resistance and cover up any scuffs. Do not use solvent based shoe-care as this can affect the surface of material.

Made in one of England's oldest shoe-making factories, established in 1881.

Please bear in mind when ordering Airseal footwear that the sizing runs large eg. if you are a small size 8 you may wish to drop down to a size 7 or if you are a regular/large size 8 then you may wish to try the size 8 with insoles.

Made in UK
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