Skinny Belt (Black)

Skinny Belt (Black)
Skinny Belt (Black)
Skinny Belt (Black)
  • Simple
  • Elegant
  • Skinny!
  • Made in the UK
Material: Vegetan Mycro
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Product information

Product Code: 190000
Product Name: Skinny Belt (Black)
Quality, classic styled black belt.

Beautifully made with a new, smoother version of our durable and flexible, Italian micro-fibre material. Nicely thick without being overly bulky. Comes with silver metal colour nickel buckle. Plain, non-stitched edge.

Width approx. 15mm. Thickness approx. 3mm.

The belt size is measured from the buckle to the middle of the belt holes. Eg. size 34 will fit a few waist sizes bigger and smaller - approx 31 to 37 inches.

Remember when choosing your size to measure where the belt goes! – e.g. don't measure around your waist if you wear belts low at hip height.

Made in the UK.

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