Aubrey Boot (Brown)

Aubrey Boot (Brown)
Aubrey Boot (Brown)
Aubrey Boot (Brown)
Aubrey Boot (Brown)
Aubrey Boot (Brown)
Aubrey Boot (Brown)
Aubrey Boot (Brown)
  • Lace-up ankle boot
  • Unisex
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable
Material: Vegetan Bucky
EU Size
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Product information

Product Code: 866000
Product Name: Aubrey Boot (Brown)
Unisex lace-up, approx. six inch high ankle boot. Practical and natty with many different outfits. Eight closely spaced eyelets and minimalist stitching detail on the counters and toe-cap set these boots off just right.
Made with our breathable and water-resistant Vegetan 'Bucky' material, these boots only get better looking the more they are worn in and worn out. As with leather footwear, scuffs can be attended to with brown polish, plus polishing increases water-resistance too. As this is a classic derby pattern the soles and heels can both be repaired at regular shoe repairers for extended life (assuming they are not worn beyond repair). Lined through-out and padded tongue adds to day long comfort.

Made in Portugal.
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