Love your Airseals...

Airseal Resoling Service
now available for all UK customers from

Eric Wrathall
Shoe Repairs
• Extend the life of Airseal shoes and boots
• Made in England
• No animal glues used
• Original Vegetarian Shoes soles used
• Quality repairing work.
• Only Airseal footwear to start with
• Stitching and other refurbing repairs available.
• Cheaper than buying a new pair
• The environmentally friendly solution.
• UK Customers only.

The uppers on our Airseal boots and shoes are so good they often outlast the soles
(despite them also being very hard wearing).
This can give the footwear a whole new lease of life!

Simply contact Eric for further details:

Eric Wrathall Shoe Repairs
19 Barmsche Square
Lancashire OL14 5AG

01706 812284