Love Your Airseals...

The uppers on our Airseal boots and shoes are so good they often outlast the soles 
(despite them also being very hard wearing!)

New Stuff

This can give your footwear a whole new lease of life!

Available for all UK customers from 
Eric Wrathall Shoe Repairs

Simply contact Eric for further details:

Eric Wrathall Shoe Repairs
19 Barmsche Square
Lancashire OL14 5AG

01706 812284

Extend the life of your Airseal footwear   |   Quality repair work   |   Made in England
Stitching & other refurbing repairs available   |   The environmentally friendly solution
Cheaper than buying a new pair   |   Original Vegetarian Shoes soles used for repairs
No animal glues used   |   Currently only available for Airseal footwear   |   UK Customers only

New Stuff