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Kemp Sneaker White Olive Brogue Sneaker Black Eco Sneako White Panther Hemp Sneek Creep BlackVeg Supreme WhiteLuna BlackLuna WhiteBonobo 2 WhiteKennedy BlackAstronaut Boot WhiteVolks BlackAirseal Monkey ShoeVegan Runner WhiteVegan Runner BlackZero Sneaker White

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Luna Shoes

Many More AIRSEAL Styles Now Added!!
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2 Big Eye Shoe
5 Big Eye Boot
Airseal 20 Eye Boot Smooth
Airseal Twin Buckle Boot Black



New Stuff...

Gobi Boot 3 (Black)Gobi Boot 3 (Black)

PRICE: £89.95

Luna Boot (White) Luna Boot (White)

PRICE: £84.95

Luna Boot Black) Luna Boot Black)

PRICE: £84.95

Bonobo 2 Boot (White) Bonobo 2 Boot (White)

PRICE: £74.95

Rose Boot (Black) Rose Boot (Black)

PRICE: £89.95

Rustico Chelsea (Black) Rustico Chelsea (Black)

PRICE: £79.95

Cora Pump (Black) Cora Pump (Black)

PRICE: £79.95

Satchel Pineapple (Black)Satchel Pineapple (Black)

PRICE: £109.95

Cheatah (Olive/Red)Cheatah (Olive/Red)

PRICE: £84.95

Cheatah (Navy/Black)Cheatah (Navy/Black)

PRICE: £79.95

Vegan Runner (Navy)Vegan Runner (Navy)

PRICE: £84.95

Vegan Runner (Black)Vegan Runner (Black)

PRICE: £84.95

Vegan Runner (Olive)Vegan Runner (Olive)

PRICE: £84.95

Vegan Runner (Grey)Vegan Runner (Grey)

PRICE: £84.95

Veg Supreme Dream (Black) Veg Supreme Dream (Black)

PRICE: £79.95

Sneek Creep (Black)Sneek Creep (Black)

PRICE: £79.95

Cycle Satchel (Cherry)Cycle Satchel (Cherry)

PRICE: £94.95

New Stuff

Coming Soon...

Bush Boot Bucky (Black) Bush Boot Bucky (Black)

PRICE: £69.95

Coming Soon

Sale stuff...

Double Action Boot (Brown) Double Action Boot (Brown)

Was: £109.95 Now: £89.95

Babette Shoe (Black) Babette Shoe (Black)

Was: £74.95 Now: £59.95

Hi-Top Hemp (Black) Hi-Top Hemp (Black)

Was: £89.95 Now: £69.95

Chevron Sneaker Pineapple (Black) Chevron Sneaker Pineapple (Black)

Was: £84.95 Now: £59.95

Airseal 14 Eye Boot (Cherry) Airseal 14 Eye Boot (Cherry)

Was: £129.95 Now: £109.95

Highly Snug Boot (Grey) Highly Snug Boot (Grey)

Was: £89.95 Now: £69.95

Logger Boot (Black) Logger Boot (Black)

Was: £84.95 Now: £64.95

Vegwing Shoe (Black) Vegwing Shoe (Black)

Was: £84.95 Now: £59.95

Tan Brogue Tan Brogue

WAS: £74.95 NOW: £37.95

Biker Boot Low (Black) Biker Boot Low (Black)

Was: £84.95 Now: £69.95

Alpha Boot Black Alpha Boot Black

Was: £79.95 Now: £39.95

Brooklyn Boot Brown Brooklyn Boot Brown

Was: £84.95 Now: £49.95

Enterprise Hi Top Black Enterprise Hi Top Black

Was: £104.95 Now: £59.95

Sale Stuff

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Why Vegetarian Shoes and not Vegan Shoes?

Vegetarian Shoes was established in 1990 at a time when Veganism was not as widely recognised - it was a battle just to try and get some soya milk for a cup of tea locally!!
As a small, but long established company, it is now a massive undertaking to get our name and identity changed around the world.
We are a Vegan-Friendly footwear company (as the majority of our vegan staff will testify), and we are proud and privileged to make the highest quality vegan footwear possible for our wonderful customers!
Please go to About Us for further info



Viva Awards

A Vegetarian Shoe is Born

A Vegetarian Shoe is Born

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Laces and Insoles

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