Wholesale Quick Order

Please only use this page if you have been set up with a wholesale account.

If you know the product code of the items you wish to purchase you can quickly and easily add items to the basket using the product code field below. Enter the product code, and a quantity and press the "add to basket" button to confirm.

Product Code Stock Quantity

  1. Remember we do not process back-orders for wholesale customers, so, please do not order quantities higher than the stock level.
    We will pack what we have in stock and then consider the order complete. If you still need an item it will need to be ordered again on the next order.
  2. Minimum order is 12 pairs.
  3. Prices are always in UK Pounds.
  4. We process wholesale orders in the order we receive them. Turn around times can vary from a few days to a few weeks during busy periods.
  5. Please avoid adding ‘just one more pair’. Especially once the order has been packed and weighed!
  6. Please ignore the shipping amount in the ‘quick order wholesale interface!’ Carriage costs will be calculated once the order is packed and weighed/measured and ready to go.
  7. If you know the product code number then type it straight in. It can be helpful to have the website open a second time adjacent to the ordering page to check code numbers.
  8. Sizes are in UK or European sizes.
  9. All orders are on Pro-forma basis. Please don’t pay until we send the Invoice after packing. When you click the ‘checkout with credit or debit card’ button it will complete the order without payment for Wholesale customers.
  10. Prices may change without notice.