Vegan Stealth Belt 35mm (Black)

  • Italian Micro-Fibre Strap
  • Low Shine Sturdy Buckle
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Made in England
  • Vegan Friendly Belt
  • Vegan Stealth Belt 35mm (Black)
  • Vegan Stealth Belt 35mm (Black)
  • Vegan Stealth Belt 35mm (Black)
  • Vegan Stealth Belt 35mm (Black)
  • Vegan Stealth Belt 35mm (Black)
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    Product Code: 215100

    Material: Black Mycro 3mm (Whats this?)

    For vegan ninjas that would prefer to stay under the radar. These all-black, leather-free, unisex belts are also metal-free! Made from 3mm thick Italian polyester micro-fibre that is strong, flexible, durable and breathable, and surprisingly lightweight. The heavy-duty, low-shine, hypoallergenic moulded plastic buckle is all black, and stitched to the belt strap. With no rivets, studs, staples or any metal, this belt aids speedy travel through airports and anywhere that has metal detecting security. They also look really good!

    3.5cm wide.

    Made in England.

    The belt size is measured from the buckle to the middle of the belt holes. Eg. size 34 will fit a few waist sizes bigger and smaller - approx 31 to 37 inches.

    Remember when choosing your size to measure where the belt goes! – e.g. don't measure around your waist if you wear belts low at hip height.

    Vegan Stealth Belt 35mm (Black)



    Price: £30.00

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