Panther 2 Hemp Sneaker (Black)

  • Classic Black Sneaker
  • Padded Collar, Tongue and Insole
  • Grippy Rubber Sole
  • Made in The European Community
  • Vegan Friendly Footwear
  • Panther 2 Hemp Sneaker (Black)
  • Panther 2 Hemp Sneaker (Black)
    Sneak Peak

    Product Information

    Product Code: 201800

    Material: Vegetan Uppers|Hemp (Whats this?)

    Hemp version of our super popular Panther sneaker.
    All black trainer made with hemp and our abrasion resistant Vegetan fake-suede for the toe, heel and lacing reinforcing. Hemp canvas is a strong, breathable, natural fabric and well known for its environmental qualities. (Our Hemp supplier for this shoe is currently applying for the Organic certification too). Padded through-out for comfort and fitted with our popular rubber Panther sole unit, with built in toe-bumper.
    Made in Portugal.

    Panther 2 Hemp Sneaker (Black)

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