Ice Patrol Mk2 (Brown)

  • Trainer comfort and boot durability
  • With foldable/ removable ice-grippers
  • Speed lacing
  • Made in Portugal
  • Vegan Friendly Footwear
  • Ice Patrol Mk2 (Brown)
  • Ice Patrol Mk2 (Brown)
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    Product Information

    Product Code: 215600

    Material: Vegetan Micro/Synthetic (Whats this?)

    Our upgraded Ice-Patrol boot has been upgraded again!
    We have taken the same high-leg, swat-team-pattern and tweaked it to make an even higher performing boot. It still has the trainer-like comfort and boot-like toughness, and speed-lacing fasteners of the old Patrol, but now has higher-spec micro-fibre lining and ‘bellows’ type tongue plus D ring lacing rather than eyelets on the fore-part. With breathable and water resistant uppers the very finest non-leather components have been selected to construct this footwear:

    Deep Lug Rubber Soles
    The stitched-on rubber sole, made in Italy, has deep lugs for good all-terrain grip. For icy conditions there are special metal grippers that work like mini crampons, that can be folded out in only a few seconds, to enhance grip (you can use a regular door key to loosen the grippers and click them into place). Of course we can not guarantee grip in every situation, but we believe these soles really could be life-savers and need to be seen to be believed! Note. Remember to fold the metal studs back into the sole when going indoors!

    Micro/Synthetic Uppers
    The boots have padded insoles, padded collars and padded tongues and are insulated through-out for winter snugness. Being made from breathable micro-fibre they are also good, year-round boots and the metal grippers can be removed completely for summer use.
    Water resistance can be enhanced by our brown polish (on the Micro-fibre parts), or by regular spray-on type proofers. (As usual, special attention needs to be paid to stitching when applying proofers). Some areas use salt/grit in low temperatures. Shoe care is best applied to the uppers and metal fittings in advance of these conditions to reduce the corrosive effects of salt. It can also be a good idea to rinse off salt with fresh water soon after wear.

    Other Features
    • Removable Ice Grippers
    • Speed -lacing fastenings

    Made in Portugal.

    Ice Patrol Mk2 (Brown)

    size guide
    Sizing notes
    These boots run large, allowing for thicker socks, even so, please order a size down.
    Eg. If you usually order a size 42 then please order a size 41. Also please remember that our insoles can greatly help with shoe fitting and comfort.
    We try to give the best advice about sizing. Please remember sizes vary from style to style and brand to brand. The shape of the shoe can affect the fit as well as the length and width. If replacing a style with a newer version, remember shoes can stretch and mould and become looser over time. A new version of the same shoe can feel tighter and quite different to the old friends you have come to love. Shoes mould to the shape of your feet, more in the width than the length. If they are slightly snug in the width then they may give a little and become more comfortable. If the shoes or boots are tight lengthways then they are likely too small and you need to try the next size up.
    Lastly, remember that insoles can REALLY make a difference when trying to get the right fit. Ours are quite thick but thinner ones are also available. In addition to making footwear more comfortable insoles can also help shoes and boots last longer.