Travel Slipper (Brown)

  • Lightweight and Versatile
  • Small Packed Size
  • For Home on the Road
  • Made in Europe
  • Vegan Friendly Footwear
  • Travel Slipper (Brown)
  • Travel Slipper (Brown)
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    Product Information

    Product Code: 2112000

    Material: Vintage Bucky (Whats this?)

    Super lightweight vegan slippers with a modern twist. Very soft but tough, breathable uppers.

    They become even more comfortable as they age and mould to your feet. Made in a Moroccan style where the back can be worn up or down as slip-ons. Lined through-out with the same soft breathable faux leather.

    The modern part is the thin trainer style zig zag rubber sole with slight wedge for comfort. No hard parts or stiffeners means these can be packed down and nested into a corner of your luggage. Great as a second pair of shoes if bag space is limited.

    Made to our own design in Portugal for Vegetarian Shoes.

    Travel Slipper (Brown)

    EU Size


    Price: £69.95

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